I want to share were my creative energies are taking me and hope other with do the same as that totally inspires me to do more.


I though people might be interested in how these hats were made.  They are done with a machine program design.  In this case I bought the design but you can see embroidery design I have created at my store or in previous post. 

This type of embroidery is call free standing lace.  In it the entire item is stitched, verse other embroideries that are done on pieces of fabric. Needless to say this takes a long time.  To just sew the hat on the machine it takes 2 hours to run the program, and because of color changes and item changes I can’t just walk away and let it sew.  I usually have another craft in hand to work on in the same room so I can keep an eye on the machine.

Once the machine has done it’s magic I then have to rinse out the stabilizer (The white fabric you see in early pictures.) It is a wash away type, so I run cool water over the lace until all traces of the stabilizer rinse away.  The item then has to be dried and pressed.  Once that is done (usually over night) the hat can then be hand stitched together.

I need to stitch first the cone, the seam is that black line in the picture above.  And then the cone is stitched to the brim of the hat.  This all needs to be hand done, because of the hat’s size. It is too small for the sewing machine to handle.

I decided not to decorate the witch hats, unlike the mini top hats.  I figured people might like them as is or want to decorate them, themselves.  I may make some decorated ones down the line here.  I did add the two barrettes so the hat can be easily worn.

Well that is it, just thought people might be interested.